Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FourTrack by Sonoma Wire Works

Posted by AreJay Smith

This is not a new product on in the itunes arsenal but it is truly my most frequently used music app and a go to songwriting tool. The FourTrack app really brings me back to when I bought my first recording setup it was a simple 2 ¼ input zoom 4 track digital recorder with only 12 min little SD card except this app is better on all fronts and a simple and quick setup for song ideas. The simple easy to use four level with active record buttons below comes with a metronome some EQ options although don’t expect to make audio masterpieces with it. I plug my headphones without into canceling speaker while still keeping my iphones built in mic to record my acoustic and/or electric guitar. Again not amazingly crisp quality esp. with using to mic an amp but good enough to get those late night ideas out of my head into audio form and to help develop a second rhythm or lead line along with vocal melodies. Sonoma Wire Works really put together a great product with a slew of compatible apps for drumbeats, loops, piano ect. My personal favorite match up is the instant drummer apps which I’ve used on actual studio songs. Also this app allows bounce and wifi sync so you can place each track or a mixdown of the song idea to your pc. FourTrack was one of the first app to go in the “porta-studios” category for songwriters but it is not alone nor is the best now there’s multi track studio apps made by several serious brands that are well respected in the music business but, if your looking for something to lay down simple acoustic guitar tracks with some vocal ideas down this is the app for you . Its my go to songwriting tool for easy simple click and record app and has served me well and was money well spent. For only 10buck in the itunes store.

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