Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nevermind the lithium, I’ve got teen spirit!

Posted by AreJay Smith
On September 24, 1991, Nirvana’s Nevermind Album was released . This album sparked a genre knocked off Michael Jackson of the number one spot on the Billboard charts. Spoke to a generation despondent from the 80s “Hair Metal” and, paved the way for rock and alternative the next two decades. Like many of Nirvana’s diehard fans I was only a new born when Nirvana was actually touring and when Kurt was still alive. It still impacted me greatly and is the reason I wanted a guitar and became a musician. Kurt’s angst, simple riffs, and his catchy timeless melodies. Dave Grohl’s machine gun snare and Krist Novoselic’s driving bass lines. All of it culminated together to a truly timeless album. Though a lot of fans debate the true meaning of Kurt’s lyrics, they all could agree that it spoke to them and at many time comforted them in times of despair and crisis.

For me this album is a statement, it’s the core of my music and was the deciding factor to pursue a career in the music business. Since that album I never looked back. It was the sole reason I picked up a guitar, started producing music and got in to the local music scene and supporting local bands and artist. I can continue to elaborate on how much this album changed my life but then there would be a complete unorganized novels worth of writing. Nevermind started my never ending love and journey in music. I can say with conviction Nirvana was my generations Beatles. Both bands completely changed music forever. So to celebrate this great album I’ve been listening to it for the last two days straight. For it’s the sole reason I’m a musician, producer and blogger of music. Nevermind is the reason of my being. It’s is amazing that still to this day you can hear “smells like teen spirit” on the radio along with all of the tracks from that album and still completely rock out! This album still manages to speak, comfort and change the life’s of many around the world. Again, this album has managed to ignite the roaring flame in my heart for music and the amazing musicians I hear today. If there was one album I could give someone to explain or describe myself it would be Nevermind.

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