Friday, September 23, 2011

Where does the underground end and the mainstream begin?

Posted by AreJay Smith
The last few years, the total change of music in general has been huge! With technologies that makes anyone with a computer and money, a producer. Producing is so much more of an art form and takes more talent that it’s given, but that’s for another day and another argument. I truly believe that unsigned bands are no longer the underground… at least not all of them, due to the amount of success they’ve obtained. There are now factions amongst the “unsigned” bands and I think we can forget about smaller record labels, because they are making just as much money as the huge studios were back in the hay-day before the digital revolution. For a small fee, with online digital distributions such as CD Baby and Tune Core, you can have your music available on every music store. No longer do you need a label to be heard world wide.

So where does the underground end and mainstream begin? Here on LoadedAndPlay, we don’t feature unsigned bands as it were. We feature unknown artists who have a little, but dedicated fan base, who want an outlet, who are talented, who want to get out there, and need help. You’ll never see an unsigned band on here who has 30,000 fans, or even 20,000. They are great bands, but that’s not who needs help. They have made it in my books, especially with the music business, the economy, and the fall of big studios.

I will probably get a reaction for the few who read this, but I firmly believe that just because you’re unsigned, doesn’t make you an underground or indie any more. Which is a good thing, I believe, because the music is completely in the hands of the artist and it’s the true litmus test for real talent on all levels. But will focus on the unknown, not the unsigned, which you can find every Monday. The bands, artists, and our site can’t do it alone! We need a following of our own and an underground that is ours for the taking.

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