Monday, October 31, 2011

Once I was blind, but now I can see!

Posted by AreJay Smith
Since started, it has gone through several changes and has changed me and the way I look and have experienced local music. I have totally changed my mind on the Fort Worth/ Dallas scene. So before I really get started, I’d like to throw a little history your way, so maybe you can understand where I’m coming from. Up till about 5 years ago, I lived in Corona, California. I started my local scene experienced there at a little venue called "Showcase Theatre", which was an old one screen movie theatre converted into a venue. It was a heavily punk influenced scene I had never known or had heard anything like it, almost overwhelming. Needless to say, I was changed. To know that I could hear this great music live, just a few miles away from my house. From there, the rest was history, so cliché right? Oh, well fuck it, moving on.

When I moved here, I was desperate to find a scene... anything from attending open mic nights to meeting locals, asking them about other venues. First hitting up The Ridglea and The Aardvark. Then fast forward to me finding a band that actually stuck together for awhile called "Fractured" (not too great ourselves). We played several shows at The Profit Bar, Ridglea, Aardvark and The Rockstar back when it was still located across the highway from the Miller plant, which formally was the Penalty Box. I had made some great friends, but I never, or I should say, rarely found great local bands. I was disappointed and had lost hope. Years later, I started in search for good music in other places which turned out well! Here’s where the epiphany comes in! The veil had been lifted.

My friend, Brian Bailey( Intent Films click link below article to read up on his great work!), found it and shared with the world including myself threw his videos! It was a music video of My Wooden Leg and it was awesome. Then it blew up. Talent just appeared in front of me, just pure great talented artist! How could I’ve missed these bands and talent for all these years? Never excited about local shows, now I have so many shows I’d like to go to on the same day. It's hard to choose and to keep track of them all! Through my great friend Camren Yowell from "Overtone" (site link below) I now have and had the opportunity to get with these bands and soon they will be featured here on LoadedandPlay! This new scene, or I should say, "New for me", keeps growing exponentially. Now we will still continue our search for great talent world wide to feature, but I got to represent DFW. What kind of music blogger would I be if I didn’t?

I’m truly happy to have found the mythic great music scene in Fort Worth and Dallas that I’ve heard about. Lastly I am very happy to help share this great scene with everyone else! Here are some great local Fort Worth bands/artists( but not limited to these bands) with varying genres that you will enjoy! Be sure to like them all and share with friends!

The Hanna Barbarians
The Whiskey Prophets
Not half Bad
Sound Of Sulfur
Timmy Dixon
Whiskey Folk Ramblers
Luke Wade and No Civilians
Greg Schroeder


A Man and A Camera

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godbucket said...

Hey man! Thanks for the kind words! If you think these bands rock, you should check out the Fort Worth Music Co-op! There's where you'll find the full gammit of ultrabadass Fort Worth bands. Last year we produced a compilation CD featuring songs from over 25 artists! I'd be happy to get you a copy, just lemme know!
Thanks again!
Taylor L. Smith