Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs An Ideas Man and A Revolutionary Thinker

Posted by AreJay Smith
First thing I do every morning is grab my iPhone. For a few reasons, one to turn off my alarm clock, then I proceed to check my email, Facebook, check how is doing, and check for texts and missed calls. Then I proceed to plug it up to my sound system and listen to my playlist I put together. I download all the new releases straight to my phone to keep up on today’s music. I could go on and on. Apple and the mind behind it all has changed our lives and our civilization as we know it,from the idea of an easy to use personal computer to how we listen to music. iTunes has given a voice to bands and music world wide and a chance to be heard because of digital downloads. These products have allowed us to stay connected 24/7 via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Country’s uprisings and revolutions have been able to be organized and staged. I am joining the hundreds of others for "Occupy Dallas" on Thursday, because of Facebook and my iPhone. I don’t even use a PC much anymore because of the convenience of my iPhone. I was able to find out about the protests and through computers, iPhones, iPads, and other tablets, there are now protest nation wide. Apple has led the revolution of music, not just because of iTunes, but to provide great computers to record and produce our music. Whether it's in the studio or bedroom, Steve Jobs has truly changed the world. I’m sure there will be hundreds of other posts that go in much more depth in honor of this great man and his legacy. I’m truly saddened by this event. I was not alive when Kennedy was shot nor Lennon’s death and how it effected hundreds. Some will dispute Steve Job’s death as not being as significant, and to that I say you are a fool if you don’t think or feel we should be saddened by this great man’s death.

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