Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Whiskey Prophets.

Posted by AreJay Smith
Now I search daily on Facebook, Reverb Nation, iTunes, YouTube, ect for great music. I recently came across great music from several artists and bands and this is just one of them. The Whiskey Prophets are a great band with the tunes to prove it! Now music here at L&P, we take the job very seriously to provide great music. That being said, I truly love bands that have a sense of humor and show it in some artistic view! The Whiskey Prophet’s video for one of their singles “Swim Against The Tide” is a great song and the video they made for it is quite comical. Mixing clips from Lord of the Rings(tm) specifically scenes with Sam and Frodo, capturing the awkward funny moments in the movie that were always uncomfortable watching when I saw the film. I’m proud to say that soon we will be doing a feature and an in-depth with the guys from The Whiskey Prophets and if it's anything like this video, I’m sure it will be a fun and proud moment for us here at LoadedandPlay.com. Please check out all the links below and please help support local music by purchasing their album on iTunes and Cdbaby. Stay tuned for our in-depth!