Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shut Up and Prance Presents: A Night of Comedy... No, Seriously

Posted by AreJay Smith
Shut Up and Prance Is holding an event, a sort of coming out establishing their brand of comedy for all to see. On Nov 13 @ the 4 Day Weekend Theater, the boys will be premiering  “Legend Of Pimp Jacket" a short film about a man who finds a jacket that makes him irresistible to women. Chaos ensures as he must learn to harness his new-found power to get back to the woman he loves along with a few other short films they’ve made. The night will have stand up by Spencer Harlan and Patrick Puckett followed by an improv comedy troupe by the Shut Up and Prance Players. My Wooden Leg will perform a set to finish out the night! Local Music and Independent Films are at LoadedandPlay’s core, not to mention supporting local artist of all kinds and local events. I am truly excited to attend this awesome event. Who knows maybe we might get a brief sit down with the boys. Links to the trailer, event page, and fanpage are all below.
                                                 Trailer for Legend Of Pimp Jacket
                                                 EVENT PAGE

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