Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tabs by Ultimate Guitar

Posted by AreJay Smith
There are one of two guitarists in this world who was classically taught or learned to read tabs for a quick way to pick up your favorite riffs. If you’re the second one, this app is for you! Although, it is in my opinion, a tad expensive. $9.99 in the Apple app store. It is a great tool to have thousands of tabs in your hands with some cool features I thought I’d never use. One being the "Now Playing" feature, where it takes the song you're currently listening to on your iTouch or iPhone and searches for tabs for that song, so you can play and listen. For learning metal, it's very handy to get the rhythms down and to simply just jam out. It also has a play list section, where you choose a genre of music and it gives you like 10 or 20 songs that you should learn how to play. Another disadvantage is just the size of the screen of the iPhone. You probably couldn’t use it live on the spot, but as I said, still a great learning tool. Ultimate Guitar has been a great source for tabs for years. They’ve made a great product, but again, I wish it was cheaper.

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