Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kelly covers Adele's "Someone Like You"

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I’ve known Kelly for years and I’ve always thought she had immense talent. I’m very glad she is back, getting out there and sharing her amazing talent with the rest of us! Show some love and spread this video! So just maybe we can convince her to sit down with us here and LoadedandPlay.com and do an in-depth!

The Whiskey Prophets.

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Now I search daily on Facebook, Reverb Nation, iTunes, YouTube, ect for great music. I recently came across great music from several artists and bands and this is just one of them. The Whiskey Prophets are a great band with the tunes to prove it! Now music here at L&P, we take the job very seriously to provide great music. That being said, I truly love bands that have a sense of humor and show it in some artistic view! The Whiskey Prophet’s video for one of their singles “Swim Against The Tide” is a great song and the video they made for it is quite comical. Mixing clips from Lord of the Rings(tm) specifically scenes with Sam and Frodo, capturing the awkward funny moments in the movie that were always uncomfortable watching when I saw the film. I’m proud to say that soon we will be doing a feature and an in-depth with the guys from The Whiskey Prophets and if it's anything like this video, I’m sure it will be a fun and proud moment for us here at LoadedandPlay.com. Please check out all the links below and please help support local music by purchasing their album on iTunes and Cdbaby. Stay tuned for our in-depth!


Monday, October 24, 2011

LoadedandPlay and Texas Winters Productions presents My Atoned Faults ft. Justin Roelant

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Available on iTunes Soon!

The Legend Of Captain John

The Legend of Captain John

Lonely Tonight

Bluer Shade of Green

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Bluegrass is not one of my strong suites, nor my most knowledgeable genres of music, but I do love all genres of music. If it's good, then it's good regardless of the “box” or genres its placed in. I found a very talented artist and got a chance to get to know him. The first track I heard by him was
“The Legend Of Captain John”. Between the catchy chords and cross picking style and the warm classic sound of his vocals and just his tracks, there was such a classic vinyl sound to it all. Needless to say, it caught my ear and hasn’t let it go since. I could tell from the first listening, Eric Beaty was original and was a classic.

The bluegrass artist who considers himself a musician first and a song writer second has a passion for his instrument saying “My main influences in Bluegrass are mostly guitar players, because I have such a love for the instrument.” So I then asked him, "That being said, what were your main influences?"
“The overall main one has to be Tony Rice. He has the tone, power, and emotion in his playing like no other player.  When I first heard songs like 'Manzanita' and 'Church Street Blues', I was hooked!”. But this artist doesn’t just stick to bluegrass like myself. He loves various other genres and has many influences outside of bluegrass. Here is a list of other influences in other genres.

Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Johnny Lang
Shred/Progressive: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson
Fingerstyle/Instrumental: Tommy Emmanuel, Billy McLaughlin
Country:  Wade Hayes, Brad Paisley
Other: Kenny G

Some artists get highly offended when people in their mind wrongly classify the genres of their music, which I always found to be quite ridiculous. He said, “I write songs in many genres including instrumental, rock/shred, gospel, bluegrass, country, so I don't take offense to how people classify it, as long as they like it.” Which I strongly agreed with Eric. Quickly after, we got to talking about the song writing progress and how he approaches it. He started off with an example when he wrote “The Legend of Captain John” saying, “I had been fooling around on the guitar and just by accident (which is how most great songs happen) came up with the melody and chords.  I kept playing that same melody I know for what had to be at least a couple weeks; I just couldn't stop; it was such a haunting tune.” and concluded with, “Then one day, out of the blue, I began to think of a story involving a sailor who had given up sailing the seas due to an unfortunate event that had taken place in his life.  From the very first line 'Over in the state of Maine lived a man they called insane, but he wasn't that far gone.  His name was Captain John', the lyrics just flowed from my mind onto the page.  I'm so glad I had a notebook and pen handy!  It's the first song I've ever written with an actual story-line.  Most of my songs are Gospel songs, so they have a message in them, but no actual story.”

This unknown artist has a lot to look forward to and you can expect to see and hear more of him very soon. His band Wilder Mountain’s album called “Bluer Shade of Green” is available on createspace.com and Amazon mp3. Soon he will have an instructional DVD which will be available for public distribution very soon. He is now part of one of the great songwriting labels, SESAC which has major notoriety with others such as BMI and ASCAP. This great artist has so much promise and I guarantee we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from him very soon.