Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cost of Doing Business

Thanks to an awesome Facebook friend, Chad Lee, I got a chance to read a great article by a photographer. ( To sum it all about in one cliché sentence is “the cost of doing business.” Nothing is free, not even the digital. As a composer for film who also has his own little home studios, I am constantly bombarded with musicians and amateur filmmakers alike to record or compose for them….FOR FREE!

So like the great article above I’m going to layout the costs. So lets first start with the computer which, like broke musicians alike I haven’t made the switch to Mac, in the end is $400. For the DAW to record it all to track the magic, I had to fork out $300. Then for the VST (virtual instruments) effect plug-ins, all cost around $500, and that’s just enough to get decent sounds and nothing fancy. Symphobia, an orchestral VST, can cost 4 or even 6 times that! Then with a compilation of microphones, all comes to about $450, which again small price tag doing it on the cheap. We will finish the digital midi keyboard to control my VSTs, $120, and for monitors and headphones to hear it all, $250. Getting the picture yet?  Lastly for any other instruments, amps, and etc, $1,700.

Now just for all the things that people don’t account for like….time, producing, writing, recording, mess ups, mastering, the list goes on and on. Hours and hours of creative juices and technology know how compiled all together. Some times months of life can be dedicated to one project. So with that time for another cliché “Time is money and money is time.” Now let’s add it all up!

400+300+500+450+120+250+1,700+time= 3,720 + lots of time

There are many other factors, such as hiring studio musicians’ blah blah blah. Now that being said, this is a big thing for everyone to wrap their brains around… WE ALL HAVE BILLS TO PAY JUST LIKE YOU! So next time you want a service someone like me can provide, whether it’s a band, producer, composer, photographer, web designer, and so on...we all have bills and other expenses. Bottom line before you go and try to hit someone up to get a freebie or bribe and barter with them with exposure and credit, just please... stop and think. Help us all out and pay a brother or a sister so we can pay others and maintain, expand, and just LIVE.

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