Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It Came from Deep Space!

"A Million Miles From Earth" by Deep Space by deepspaceflight
I had heard about this project Deep Space for awhile now via facebook feed. I finally got to hear their first released track called “A Million Miles from Earth.” This track has so many great attractive qualities about it, that being said why don’t we get started? This space oddity just oozes film noir or B-film qualities and truly brings that era of film to the forefront of my mind. The ambient quality and warmth of the track surrounds you almost providing that vinyl sound that disappeared long ago. The vintage organ wails, the tribal nature of the drums beat, the live quality of the Jim Morrison styled vocals and the adventurous almost Dick Tracy guitar driving it all. Makes for one hell of a track and experience to listen to, as I said brings back an era of lost film it still manages to be original, a balancing act is never easy to maintain. Overall this is an amazing track by a band I can’t wait to hear more from and I’m sure will be blown away by in the future.

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