Friday, January 6, 2012

Live Nation

Posted by AreJay Smith
Live Nation, one of the leading ticket distributors with great deals most of the time, developed an app quite awhile ago. An app, in which, I’ve used several times to purchase tickets to some of my favorite bands. Having this app has seriously come in handy when I’ve been out and about and heard of a favorite band of mine is coming to the DFW area. Plus, it shows me several other shows I didn’t hear about. There are downsides to this app: it crashes and is a pain to update shows....also often leading to a crash. When you do decide to purchase a ticket, it ends up actually taking you to Ticketmaster's mobile site which is a pain in itself. When the app decides to work and not crash, it's pretty convenient. It shows most venues around DFW, not so much the little ones, but covers most of them. Great way to see the lineups for the show you're looking to go to as well, which is sometimes a pain on Ticketmaster’s mobile site. For all its flaws, I can't complain too much, because it’s a free app!

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