Thursday, January 26, 2012


This week’s artist in-depth is truly original and very creative, whose talent and music refuse to be boxed to one genre. One who’s name is defined as “a spaceship of sound,” NICORISONE. This former New Yorker that now resides in the Inland Empire in southern California which in its self has now become a hot bed of original and talented artist and bands which has sunk their teeth into. Although, NICORISONE is an electronic based project the sounds that Chris creates are still to the core organic and all natural if you will. We had a little chat to gain insight on the man behind the music.

The deep subs ground you and the ambience surrounds you, I personally have found myself lost in the track and that it creates its own world. With that being said we jumped into the process almost immediately during the interview. In describing why he structures his songs he stated I just like to have a really nice contrast between my really deep subs and bright sounds, they seem compliment each other the best." Although NICORISONE makes amazing ambient masterpieces, with songs like Terra Firma Remix and my dubstep favorite Little Witch. There are no bounds this artist can’t overcome.

For someone who obviously has passion for the genre of electronic music. I was curious to know how it was started and what inspired him to make the jump from playing bass for punk and hardcore bands. In which he replied “I’ve been producing for 6 or 7 years and one electronic group that made me really want to make was the future sound of London they were way ahead of their time they had lots of elements that you’d see in dubstep or any electronic music you’d hear today.”

As far as other influences go here’s a list.
George Fitzgerald
Mount Kimbie
Gold Panda
Duncan Powell
Boards of Canada

Now like most electronic genre orientated music his list of vsts are quite impressive. As far DAW go the man uses FL Studio 10, and like me Chris is a Native Instrument connoisseur and has quite a collection which consist of Massive, Kontakt and Absynth. Then as far as samples go he uses Audacity and Paul’s extreme sound stretch which he uses to stretch samples to get an almost pad like synth sounds.

NICORISONE is an amazing project and truly original. No matter the day or mood I can always find a track on his soundcloud to suit my needs. Whether I want the ambiance to wash over me or the driving melodies he creates in his dubstep to the warm sub-bass that connects it all. We hope to beable to feature more of his music hear at

Not only is Chris a great musician he’s a great graphic designer and designs all his artwork.

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