Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SOPApilla Failcake With Some PIPA Failcream On Top

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I usually do not give my public opinion on politics, but considering the situation we're in trying to protect our freedoms on the Internet, I think I will be sharing an opinion like approximately 3/4 of the country as of late. In this article I will be explaining how the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP act can seriously jeopardize many of the rights contained within the first amendment. With the rate our country is spiraling down at the moment, we could be looking at a complete police state if things continue going south.

With the economic downfall affecting many families, politicians are now making it harder for us to express ourselves to billions around the world across the Internet. So many companies are sue happy and it just seems to be getting worse over the course of time. If these bills pass, people could go to jail by merely recording themselves singing their favorite songs and posting the videos on YouTube. Sites like YouTube and Facebook, among many other sites, could be shut down for even merely having any signs of infringing works. On top of that, they're suggesting on messing with the very fabric of the Internet by trying to change its coding. How desperate are these people? What kind of moron would suggest crap like this?

If our rights keep being threatened like this, we'll no longer be on top as a country. I'm usually patriotic about my country, but I'm starting to draw the line. I'd be better off defecting to a communist country at this rate! That being said, the entertainment industry doesn't even provide that much to our economy if you look at it. The Internet does all that and more. The Internet helps connect the world together! We express ourselves, we entertain ourselves, we even promote freely for the entertainment industry, because people often ask where they can get certain movies or music albums. If this is a desperate attempt to get people to watch more movies and purchase more music, I am not impressed. Not. One. Bit.

The Internet does more things than just stream music and movie clips in certain places. It helps with commerce and businesses. Things like these bills could ruin chances for new search engines or new jobs. Really, these bills can do more harm than good. I don't think those politicians are seeing the big picture to be honest. Not to mention the fact that no matter what you do, piracy will always be there in some form. It's like trying to fight terrorism. Sure you can wipe out a radical terrorist group, but somewhere else there's going to be another and another. It just takes a seed of an idea. No one can stop ideas...not even the grand 'ol United States...which in my opinion, is slipping constantly as a country.

These bills are completely unlawful and they go against everything this country stands for. It could be seen also as a great insult toward our troops who fight for the land of the free and the home of the brave. The creators of these bills and the supporters should be convicted of treason, but I guess that's just me talking. Some of them need to be locked up and see how they like it, yes? Whether you agree with me or not, it's up to you. For more information, visit DemandProgress.org and AmericanCensorship.org. Join the fight against Internet censorship which can more than harm the very fabric of American freedom as a whole!

Fleeing from the political virtual tyranny, the last freedoms of the Internet lead a ragtag anti-fascist group, on a lonely quest....a shining domain, known as LoadedAndPlay.com!


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~ Writer, James Worden

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