Friday, January 13, 2012

Terraria Small Review

In layman's terms, this title can be summed up as "the 2D side-scroller of Minecraft", but really...the game is more than meets the eye. While yes, it does have mining, crafting, fighting, building, and so on and so forth....I feel in some ways...Terraria has more things to offer than Minecraft does. Yes, I know people are going to send me death threats, but chill for a second. I never said I liked Terraria over Minecraft. With that being said, I never said I liked Minecraft over Terraria either. I love both titles pretty much equally. People keep saying that Terraria is a ripoff of Minecraft. While I can see why they say that, I highly disagree with that. In more ways than one, you could say that Minecraft was a ripoff of Infiniminer. Yeah, think about that one for a moment. Neither titles are ripoffs and before I go more on a tangent, I will explain a few things about Terraria.
Terraria is officially classified as an independent action adventure roleplaying game and is being developed by Re-Logic. In my opinion, you can't exactly classify it by what you see. Basically I guess you could use the same logic as you do for Minecraft, but....again, I wouldn't go in playing it like you would Minecraft, because it plays drastically different despite the things you see at first glance.

I will admit, both games do have their similarities, but remember the golden rule - never judge a book by its cover. This applies to both Minecraft and Terraria. The features of Terraria are cool. You can summon various monster bosses, you can build houses so NPCs like merchants can move into them, and you can loot rare items in which you cannot gain by natural means in-game, among many other things. You can make custom characters to an extent. Like Minecraft, you pretty much create your own stories, there is no 'campaign'. You do what you wish. Games like Minecraft and Terraria tend to bring out people's creative sides.

Did I mention there were lightsabers? Okay, in-game they're called phaseblades, but still...they look and sound the same as lightsabers, so close enough, and the color is based on the gems you loot. "Wait, gems?", you ask? You'll find out if you play it. You can have different color bricks as well, for instance...on a server I go on, I have green bricks available to much sense as that makes.

If you want to test out the game, it's available on Steam for a mere $10. Though, it can be said that,with the way the economy is, sometimes 10 dollars is hard to come by, but I won't go into that topic. If you are interested in an easy to pick up and play game, I highly recommend Terraria. It's really fun and don't think you'll regret purchasing it. If you get bored of it later and think it's dull, well...that's your choice. the end, I don't think that 10 bucks was much of a loss considering the amount of content in the game.

~Writer, James Worden

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