Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What’s on my playlist?

So this week I decided to be a soundtrack score nerd and made a playlist of some of the music that inspires me as a composer. This isn’t a top scores of all time or most the popular, this is just a list of tracks I love and that I hope and aspire to one day create something as moving as the score has done for me. Who will see some big names and some you may never heard of, some actual songs that made it on soundtracks to full orchestral pieces. In either case they are enjoyable to listen to.

  1. New York Aftermath by Borislav Slavov
  2. Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees
  3. August’s Rhapsody by Mark Manicina
  4. Cello Lesson by Dario Marianelli
  5. Crysis 2 Intro by Hans Zimmer
  6. Gortoz a Ran - J'Attends" (performed by Denez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard)
  7. Let It Be performed by Carol Woods and Timothy T. Mitchum
  8. Prelude to War by Bear McCreary
  9. Main Title [UK Version] by Bear McCreary
  10. Sunshine(Adagio In D Minor) by John Murphy
  11. Blue Monday performed by Flunk
  12. John the Revelator performed by Curtis Stinger & The Forest Rangers

This week it’s a short but sweet list of some great songs and score, enjoy!

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