Monday, January 16, 2012

Where Coldplay failed The Piano Guys succeed!

Last week The Piano Guys released a new video their own spin on Coldplay’s Paradise, and as the title suggests I feel it’s a more defined and more original. Like any good rendition or cover of a song it has taken the core manipulated and constructed the song around their sound. The Piano Guys did just that, the African twist the breakdown of the percussion and just overall more passion I mean, you really feel soul of the track threw the singer. This isn’t just an elephant mascot escaping a zoo and buying a unicycle. Theirs pride and blissful like qualities to it unlike the repetitive melody of the vocals as an almost “Debbie downer” quality. To sum it up the original is annoying, so annoying in fact I almost didn’t listen to The Piano Guys version because I didn’t like the original. This is great listen and if this is the first time you’ve heard anything from
The Piano Guys I highly suggest you check their channel and site.

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